Our Data

We realize that the integrity of our data forms the very foundation of what coscout is meant to be and likewise our data sourcing processes are built from the ground up with similarly strict standards of excellence, outlined below.

1. Legal Filings

A large portion of coscout data is sourced directly from legal filings from government websites across the world.

2. Institutional Partners

coscout has a direct partnership with over 5,000 venture capital members who regularly submit updates.

3. Machine Learning

coscout scans the internet, much like Google, and our team of humans and smart bots review everything

4. Community

The coscout community actively participates in helping us find new information and fix errors

5. Analysts

Our team of analysts is always on the lookout for sources and partnerships that help make coscout's data uniquely accurate

6. Manual Reviews

We take our commitment to data integrity very seriously. Nothing is ever published without a strict (human) manual review process

If you would like to license coscout dataset or APIs, please get in touch with us at hello@coscout.com to apply for access.