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Democratize access to private market data and empower innovators to build the future

What we do

What is coscout?

coscout is the world's biggest platform for professionals to find and track innovative companies, investors, funding and acquisition activity across the globe.

Who uses coscout

Our customers

coscout is used by people of all backgrounds from around the world. From entrepreneurs to investors, sales teams and enterprises and anyone who's curious to learn more about companies around the world.

Entreprenuers use coscout to discover new opportunities, keep an eye on competition and power their innovation.

Investors use coscout to discover the hottest deals and hidden gems, to track their portfolios and for due diligence.

Sales teams use coscout to find more customers, connect with them and learn more about them to solve their problems.

Everyone can use coscout to stay up to date with their favorite companies and investors and learn more about how the private market ecosystem works.